Has The World Ever Had A Truly Free Market Healthcare System?

No, for the simple reason that a free market is dependent on the freedom of freedom left undefined. Hence our best version of a free-market today is predicated on a malformed definition of freedom quite the opposite of free.

But be that as it may, no healthcare marketplace can resolve the inherent ignorance and responsibility related to the strengthening of ourselves. We in the U.S., as the second most overweight population in the world (after Mexico) cannot continue to be ignorant, drop exercise from our daily routine and eat everything we please, and expect our health care system to pick up the slack of our compounding apathy.

Until of course, we incorporate a meritocracy as part of the stringent paradox to freedom in our new healthcare system. A meritocracy that holds every participant responsible for the self-induced malaise of limitless consumerism.


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