Has Globalization Acted To Equalize Nations’ Portions Of The Global GDP, Yet Created Greater Inequality And A Net Loss?

First, let me state that GDP is no indication of the health or viability of a nation, in the same way, the final score in a game of soccer is NO indication of the game played. Nor is a comparison of those scores relevant. With that set-aside, let me answer the question differently.

The traditional views on globalization center around a flat world, a pre-Pythagorean totalitarian rule-book for the world, usually copied from the models we invented, promulgated and deployed in the U.S. first, a country with the biggest humanoid stick of power. A power often confounded with the merit of excellence. A force that makes other countries replicate the flaws in our systems with the nearsightedness of envy.

Apart from the fact that our democracy fails to yield to principles of renewability (for reasons I explain in other articles on my blog) and, thus, is unsustainable. Any totalitarian approach of absolutism to manage the world’s relativity is, by definition, a failed one. For all totalitarian attempts to control humanity have proven to be finite (Turkish, Greek and Roman empires, etc.), and leave serious regression behind as its fallout. Ours will, too, if we do not reinvent our operating-systems of humanity. And reinvention is our country’s hallmark if we step it up.

We must begin to realize our differences as human beings are more important than our commonalities. The propensity of such value only secured by innate respect for multi-dimensional freedom, not by a single unquestionable dogma we expect the world to follow.

So to answer your question: yes, our current implementation of globalization creates a debilitatingly narrow, hollow, and oligarchically controlled bell-curve of merit, one artificially controlled by our stale monism of freedom, steeped in blatant ignorance to human evolution. An erosive strategy for humanity is perpetuating a Stockholm-syndrome amongst its captors, and one that casts aside a growing number of people as its adversaries, unwilling or unable to submit to the detriment of its attempted enslavement.

The beauty is we can change all this by applying new principles (I will explain how soon) in tune with human evolution to our manmade operating systems, one-by-one. No need for a scorched-earth approach, but with an implementation commensurate with the demand and urgency for change. We must begin to infuse our systems away from a flat-earth approach to human behavior, to one compatible with real-world human characteristics — relativity of freedom for humanity, with said freedom of freedom to each sovereign nation their own.

The kind of freedom of freedom that is dynamic and renews itself continually. So humanity can evolve, not into robots of ever-increasing similarities, but instead expands itself in many directions towards the fringe of what is humanly possible.

The way nature designed us to evolve. If we just let it.


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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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