What Is Missing From The Ideologues Of The Free-Market?

What is missing from the ideologues of the free-market rhetoric is the notion that freedom itself is left undefined, and thus leads to wild speculation of what yields a free-market. For a free-market is a consequence of freedom at its cause.

Freedom must be turned from stifling absolutism to a relativity theory. To each his own. We are still operating in a pre-Einstein world of economics, in which the absolutism incompatible with the relativity of human ingenuity and capacity leads to the massive distortion between what has been and could be.

Simply put, we cannot expect the absolutism of anything to encircle the world without significant distortion. The old definition of a free-market is quite the opposite of free, and so is the outcome of economics subjugated to such monism.

We must free freedom first before we can expect to yield the full benefits of freedom.

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