Is It True That You Cannot Predict The Economy?

Yes and no. Predictability of human ingenuity and performance improves when you get closer to macro. At the micro-level, the unpredictability of human behavior would offer too many variables to discern a critical path. But that alone is not the complete answer as to why our economy has become so unpredictable.

Our operating-systems of humanity, the supposed experts refer to as economics, are subjugated to the wrong fundamentals, leading even macro to become unpredictable.

Subjugating human ingenuity and capacity to the improper economic religion is like submitting discovery and reason to a theology. You run out of answers as to why what you discover in reality no longer fits your stale theory of absolutism, and can no longer be deemed valid — yielding the very slight of predictability.

The bottom line is, our religion of economics is fundamentally flawed, and thus all of its conclusions (macro and micro) are by definition “unpredictable,” or worse predictably false.

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