Why Doesn’t Anyone Ever Talk About The Concentration Of Resources At The Top Of Society As A Reason For The Current “Low Demand” In The World Economy?

Considering the systems that harbor (or claim to harbor) human performance are all in violation of the most fundamental principles of freedom, one has two choices in answering this question. Either you explain it with yet another sub-optimization of our popular fallacies (into oblivion), or you realize not the just the consequences of our systems are undesirable but more importantly their cause is. My answer will be related to the latter.

My point is that enslavement to false freedom creates by design an unsustainable, artificially manufactured and narrow standard-deviation of the matchup between supply and demand (to use standard terms) of any kind. Hence the fundamental way to resolve the many undesirable outcomes akin to the supposition of your question is not to produce more quick band-aid corrections to each, but once-and-for-all cure the singular proverbial disease (of cancerous freedom) at its root cause.

We, humans, enjoy our many delusions of grandeur and freedom, and it is hard for most people to challenge, be challenged, rewind, and re-assess the beliefs set before them. Those foregone beliefs, the presumption of freedom quite the opposite of free, concocts a make-believe economic religion that continues to produce a plethora of damaging cascading societal fallacies. And much power and considerable flows of money are attached to the engrained compliance to such a vile-maxim (all for me, and nothing for anyone else) at its core. One that systemically erodes the empathy that made humans the most developed, collaborative, and intelligent species to begin with.

So, the people who do not want to talk about it are those who profit handsomely from the deficiencies of our flawed systems and are not negatively affected by them personally and directly. But the other 99% of us should use all our democratic might to rip apart the systems that hold our collective and individual ingenuity, capacity, and freedom hostage.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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