I Am An Entrepreneur By Heart. Should I take The Offer Of A Fortune 500 To Start A “Startup” For Them?

I have been there. With few exceptions, no.

If you are a real entrepreneur, you do not work for money; you work for your opportunity to make positive change happen. You want to change the world and deliver renewable socioeconomic value to society. Not what the majority of corporations yield from the cash-cow that made them who they are.

You will get frustrated soon after you join, as you recognize their authentic empathy for anything off their beaten path deplorable and off-putting. You will also acknowledge the corporation is not really interested in any innovation that may force them to renew and out-innovate themselves. You will soon realize the boat you are in does not turn as fast as you can and will want to. You will recognize your most significant obstruction to success is not out on “the streets,” but comes from the “home” from which you operate. Out of the nest of comfort is where the urgency for change is born.

Pursue your dreams and aspirations independently, and let corporations purchase your hatchling, the startup, when you feel the time is right for such a sale to move their needle as much as your own.


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