How Does Money Influence Society?

The merit assigned to money moves society in illustrious ways.

We create ballooning societal problems by design, as a result of our confounding of consequence and cause between money and merit. We have built systems to foolishly award merit (and subsequently money) to those who – in cunning and opaque ways – rob all kinds of banks of collective interests.

We endorse the pursuit of a personal vile-maxim, we proudly refer to as “The American Dream,” and ignorant of the renewability of society, damage and shorten the sustainability of humanity.

Because of those poorly designed systems of human performance, money has lost the important trust initially bestowed on it. The impact is far-reaching, with modern-day slavery to boot. While everyone with a pile of cash gets assigned the immediate merit (and endless hall-passes) of a genius, people without serious money become the hopelessly enslaved to those who do — working for the man, as the saying goes. Endlessly.

Although some rebut the above as the survival of the fittest, akin to what nature bestows on every animal, our assignment of merit fails to locate and breed the evolutionary fittest; instead, it strengthens the survival of the selfish con-man — an evolutionary regression of humanity.

Now, we can change all this by readjusting the relationship between merit and money by assigning merit only to those who contribute to a strengthening of the evolution of mankind. And as money becomes the derivative of merit, to only assign money to the development of our collective evolutionary prowess and excellence. With short only at the behest of long.

How to do so systemically I will explain in my upcoming book, the release of which will be announced here.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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