Has Barack Obama Benefited The Economy In The Long-Run?

No, not really. The playbook of our economic religion has not fundamentally changed from when Barack Obama came into office. Sure, Barack did make sure our economy didn’t end up in a ditch, hats off for that. Or maybe the trench is where our economy should have been for us to realize the fundamental fallacies at its cause must be fixed, or otherwise, the inevitable consequences are bound to resurface again soon.

As his wife so poignantly made clear to him going into his second term, he has systematically hired the wrong advisors. He is a smart guy, and I respect his role as a proverbial economic fireman in his first term. But he was and still is a social organizer, not someone who rocks the boat of our constitution out of the comprehension our constitution is in much-needed innovation upstream, not in the least to deal with a new world-order our constitution was not designed for.

A President must be the ultimate systems-builder, and Barack has done nothing of the sort. Obamacare is flawed, but not for the short-term reasons the pundits suggest. But I say that with a fair amount of respect for the diversity of problems a President faces and the framework from within which he can induce real change, that is if he were able to identify the need.

It is us, the voters, who submit to a make-believe democracy and perpetuate a stale constitutional religion set before us, one so resistant to fundamental change. The resistance to change any President is beholden to when sworn into office. And it takes more than a law degree from a great orator to break the spell of the past, innovate our constitution and yield respect for the innate plurality that encircles our the world. How the ingenuity and capacity of the people on our planet shall be harvested, not by focusing on our commonalities, but on our meaningful differences.

I personally also wholly disagree with Barack’s tacit support for BLM, a disgrace to, and misunderstanding of the legacy of Martin Luther King. One that unleashed an open-ended tirade of segregation to divide rather than unites us, damaging our economic performance and renewal long-term. Reportedly, he will now foray into venture capital, an endeavor he so proudly boosted with the Startup America program that died but in the catacombs of governmental public relations. He will come to find out that having the ability to buy a Ferrari does not make you a great driver if you catch my drift.

All told, the United States economy has become what it is not because but despite its governance, and so will it in the future. Remember, you are the change. Do not ever ask the government to build the world you expect to see.

Instead, tell them.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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