Does Freedom Breed Inequality?

Real freedom, the freedom we do not have today, is a relativity theory rather than a theory of absolutism. In a relativity theory of freedom, the value of differences is more critical than the regurgitation of stifling commonalities we enjoy today.

Yes, inequality is a fact of life. Inequality is the spice of life. Evolution thrives on the minute but crucial differences between species and individuals of the same species. A reason why the equality movement is a dumb man-made concoction, as it attempts to ignore the meritocracy that secures freedom.

We should all be treated different, rather than the same. As we are, and as we must be. We must create systems capable of managing the relativity of our differences, instead of build systems of absolutism that fail to be an accurate proxy of our dynamic evolutionary value.

The aforementioned real freedom does not breed inequality that is not already innate to us, but it embraces when such inequality leads to the expansion of the fringe of human ingenuity and capacity.


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