What Are The Most Important Steps The Government Should Take To Reduce The Problem Of Unemployment?

The government is responsible for building and maintaining the systems of society under which the people operate, renew their capacity, and deliver ingenuity to expand the fringe of said society. In the words of Albert Einstein: “The system determines what can be discovered”, hence the performance of a country is directly related to the system by which its people can exercise their rights and freedoms to unleash the capacity mentioned above and ingenuity.

Hence, (un)employment is a consequence of a system that perpetuates freedom, and by doing so, enables a standard-deviation of skills needed to perpetuate said freedom.

I bring all that up because the majority of politicians, systemically confounding consequence with cause, submit to the depravity of reason inducing false hope and false optimism about the renewability of economic performance.

Jobs and employment are a consequence of the causal system that perpetuates them. So, for the government to create jobs without adjusting the system that spawned the void, makes for great economic fodder for those who believe in horse-race economics. But it ignores the systemic disease by which we hold our evolutionary performance to account. Worse, it muffles the people’s innate economic diversity and potential.

So now, to answer your question, the steps government should take are to deploy new guiding principles of freedom, that in over 200 years (in the U.S.) or so have been left undefined, and to which all systems must adhere. Principles of freedom to – for the first time – support a plurality of freedom yielding diverse opportunities, rather than our stifling monism of freedom (quite the opposite of free) as the root cause of our current ever-narrowing purview.

Hence, we must free ourselves from our resistance to a diversity of freedom, not with more laissez-faire governance that inevitably turns a soccer game into vile rugby, but by defining the evolutionary paradox of freedom before the game begins. We must elect officials who know how to govern, and not elect those who thrive on inducing endless legislation to mask the many unfortunate consequences stemming from ignorance to cause.


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