Why is capitalism too big a topic to talk about?

Too many heads will roll if challenged. Our current implementation of capitalism is a dumb system. An unchecked religion turned vile-maxim responsible for the narrowing of diversity and the erosion of evolutionary value to humanity. We can and must do better.

Capitalism is too big a topic to talk about for people who do not like to be reminded of how we, in the U.S., implemented the wrong version of capitalism and spread its oligarchy as gospel around the world. Our version of capitalism is an unchecked religion of sorts, unquestionable by those enslaved and relying on its scripture to make a living and survive. A vile maxim that treats the un-enslaveable with disdain.

For capitalism to produce renewable value and thus contribute positively to evolution, it must be subjugated to freedom. Not an absolutism of freedom, but freedom as a relativity theory (to each his own). For only when capitalism is subjugated to such freedom will it unleash the proper meritocracy to continually expand the fringe of evolutionary value.

Our current version of capitalism is mostly monetary foolery (because it violates the most rudimentary principles of freedom and meritocracy), responsible for the narrowing of diversity, and the erosion of evolutionary value to mankind, serving first and foremost a rat race for money and personal wealth to wrap the enslaved in a warm blanket of insecurity.

I do support the concept of capitalism, yet only when subjugated to a relativity theory of freedom.


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