To What Extent Does The Chinese Government Believe In Free-Market Economics?

Truth is both the U.S. And China are in gross violation of relativity of freedom, in different ways. But China appears hungry to learn, and eager to renew itself towards a world center-stage, as I have personally encountered.

I should preface my answer to the question I have not (yet) had direct contact with the Chinese government except that as the inventor of Renewable Economics based on a new definition of freedom, I have been invited twice, all expenses paid, to attend and meet at a global economic conference in China, in attendance by world leaders. I declined both times for scheduling reasons.

So, despite the often horrifying denial and practicality of freedom in China today, their government seems to understand real freedom is a destination they need to understand and plot a journey towards better.

For comparison, I have also visited the U.S. Senate and Congress (on my own dime) and found their appetite for freedom astoundingly apathetic, quite possibly because our leaders (and our people) falsely assume we have already arrived. And a lazy oligarchy resting on its much-loathed political laurels is perhaps a more stubborn agent of change than a dictatorship willing to rule its way quickly to the world’s center stage.

Truth is freedom is not a monism, but a theory of relativity. A new definition of freedom both the U.S. and China are in gross violation of, in different ways. Both countries will have their challenges of migrating to a better understanding and normalization of freedom to each his own.

It appears to me China is more hungry to learn and eager to renew itself than the U.S., by the disproportionate attention they pay to such pertinent topics I write and talk about on my website. But such is just circumstantial evidence from my observation at this point.

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