Do You Think People Are Biased Towards Capitalism?

People are biased and protective towards anything they hitched their wagon of life on. Reason soon becoming their mortal enemy.

I understand why you think they are, as I explained in this answer recently: Does the average American know the difference between capitalism and corporatism?

The point you are making is that explaining the many fuzzy constructs of voodoo economics is like reasoning the preference of one theology over another while one should really debate the existence and validity of any religion, to begin with (see Christopher Hitchens on YouTube), including that of economics.

Those in favor will make the endless arguments to their stance of self-preservation, those undecided deserve unequivocal evidence to its insinuated benefits. A great starting point is to use Oprah Winfrey’s perennial question: “How is this all working for you?”

The basic principles of economics are flawed, and so are the consequences derived from it. It is time to reinvent economics, and I would not even waste my time trying to optimize the flawed consequences of economics as the starting point of reinvention.

Economics must be reinvented upstream, not continue in more nebulous renditions of defunct downstream.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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