What Is The Measurement Of A Successful Economic System?

An excellent and fundamental question.

What we currently consider as economic growth (numbers used as the preeminent confounding of consequence and cause, and thus the source of much depravity of reason) is as relevant as the score in a game of soccer; no indication of the quality of the game played.

Our current measuring sticks of economics are as flawed as the religion of economics itself. Renewably erosive and, therefore, unsustainable is our current economic trajectory. So, set yourself free by tossing the ball-and-chain of our prevailing religion of economics.

Now, I am writing a book about this exact subject (long-time coming), and this is not the time to leak its content just yet. But, what I’ll give you now is a new compass for what the rule-book of economics is supposed to provide; the support for the evolution of humanity in continuous equilibrium with nature.

The way we must begin to measure and implement economics is by the renewable strength of our differences, rather than the value of our weakening commonalities. We must build systems that support and stimulate the renewable evolution of humanity towards the ever-expanding edge of what is possible.

Such a new rule-book of economics requires abandoning the absolutism of our prevailing economics and mathematical foolery of today, towards the invention of a relativity theory not unlike the basis of Einstein’s, applied to the science and practicality of how we manage ourselves.

Stay tuned to this blog where I drip more detail.



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