We’re Told The Government Cannot Create Jobs. Yet We Blame The Government For High Unemployment. Why?

Good question.

The government can create jobs, but the nature of those jobs is non-renewable as they are not supported by free-market dynamics in which the authenticity of demand meets the authenticity of supply. Hence those jobs are highly temporal and in many cases, yield questionable evolutionary value to a renewable democracy.

Nevertheless, most of our marketplaces are oligarchically controlled, even in the private sector, and artificial manipulation of job creation without relevancy to produce renewable value to the evolution of humanity is commonplace. Hence many private-sector jobs are non-renewable with not necessarily a better track record than those “created” by the government. High unemployment directly results from the inevitable sub-priming of any marketplace in violation of the paradoxical rules of freedom.

Why we should blame the government, but in a democracy in all fairness ourselves, is that the government should be held accountable for not having created the theory and the systems (used in the public and private sector) that perpetuate free-market dynamics. Such is the preeminent role and duty of government. Not to mingle in the marketplace but to ensure whatever marketplaces exist operate in compliance with free-market principles.

Our government has failed to create and implement the framework that holds marketplaces to the paradoxical rules of a free market before those marketplaces are allowed to operate. We must decide to play on the gameplay in which every player understands and is accountable to soccer rules. Soccer will not be the gameplay with an absence of soccer rules.

So, in the absence of the paradoxical rules of freedom imposed on marketplaces, our government simply “wings it” with a myriad of consequential job creation efforts detached from a plausible cause to finagle and promote an outcome to mimic and spur on a freer market, the results however held captive by the fallacy of a lack of pre-established free-market principles and thus non-renewable and at considerable damage to the renewal of humanity.

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