Is Economics The Most Worthless Degree Of All?

Economics is an attack on reason, a religion perpetuated by apostles making money off the intellectually depraved.

As I discovered in my search for root-cause of our failed systems, the study of economics is complete and utter voodoo science. For the reason that it confounds consequence and cause leading to the socialized depravity of reason designed to enthrall only the believers of its self-perpetuating religion.

Watch the video: We Must Reinvent Economics.

Now, that doesn’t mean a degree in economics is worthless. Neither is becoming a priest of theology who prays on those weak of mind to make them believe Jesus walked on water (or other fairy tales). Humanity is known to need a religion or two, and making money in economics can be as financially rewarding as becoming a priest of a large church.

But if you are in search of reason, the reason why most of our systems perpetuate and breed a systemic sub-priming of society, you will find your mind and compass cringe at the religion economics is trying to bestow upon you. A religion we must abolish to improve the discovery of the full capacity of the performance of mankind.

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