CalPERS Mulls Ending Tobacco Investment Ban

Pensions & Investments reports “CalPERS mulls ending tobacco investment ban,” a pending decision that identifies the role of money vis-a-vis evolutionary integrity. What follows is the comment I posted on the Pensions & Investments website:

We shall not proliferate investments into tobacco, responsible 30-years later for the massive increase in respiratory disease, with its cascading health deficits dramatically increasing the medical insurance premiums to all Americans after. We are all (even non-smokers) paying a significant price from the use and investments made in tobacco.

This is exactly why our government (not an investment committee) must deploy paradoxical rules of freedom to allow investment only that strengthen the evolution of mankind and not kick the can of evolution further down the road for the sake of short-term gains.

We must begin to model the merit of money to the quality and integrity of our evolution, or we will destroy ourselves before the heating of our planet has a chance to.

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