What Were Your Biggest Wake-Up Calls On How The Modern World/Society Really Works?

The most prominent wake-up calls I’ve had during my life all center around the same, as John Cleese so beautifully verbalized as the wrath of the establishment:

“Nobody really knows what they are talking about.” — John Cleese

I urge you to stop conforming to mediocrity, think for yourself, and independently connect the dots. It makes one not fit in, in my case, happily so. What we humans do consistently is to build systems of control whereby the superiority of quasi-knowledge and man-made complexity manages to suppress and enslave crowds of believers successfully.

I can go on for days about the nonsense we tell ourselves. Three big ones on my mind these days:

  1. We make ourselves believe in religions of theology, so we can submit ourselves for life (and the false promise of an after-life) to a celestial dictator we fear, the essence of sadomasochism, with its priests preying on its innocent believers. Homage to Christopher Hitchens.
  2. We deploy a religion of economics easily disproven by elementary math that systemically confounds consequence with cause, the source of the well-socialized depravity of reason, as the fertile breeding ground for economists who revel in the extrapolation of hindsight to sell innocent believers their crystal ball of foresight.
  3. We preach about the value of freedom, while we deploy convoluted absolutisms of freedom quite the opposite of free. We then implement democracy and capitalism in blissful violation of the relativity of freedom encircling the world. And act surprised when the two fail to match, ever.

There are many other lies I debunk, including some grandiose promises made by the outlandish pageantry of innovation enthralled in selling advertising propaganda.

We must be ready to take ourselves on if we want to create a better world for ourselves and our offspring. It is time we use our brains to stop the modern-day pillage and plunder of society and truly advance to the best of our ability.

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