What Is The Solution To Economic Inequality In The U.S.?

Beyond fixing the 15.8% extreme poverty with 25% of our children on government-supported food support in the United States (I write about frequently with great dismay and embarrassment); we do not need a solution to economic inequality.

We are all different, and for an essential evolutionary reason. Economic equality, to root out inequality, is quite an unintelligent objective, in violation of the evolutionary principles of nature. It assumes we should assign more value and attention to our commonalities than our differences. Quite the opposite of what a meritocracy from real freedom, bestowed upon us by nature, aims to achieve.

We currently have artificial and oligarchically controlled inequality – that must be eliminated – because we have failed to implement dynamic meritocracies in our marketplaces that would assign merit regardless of race, gender, or any other segregational criteria. We must begin to deploy meritocracies that honor the words of Martin Luther King and judge people solely on the content of their character. Not by an appeal to elective morality but implemented as an integral and non-negotiable principle in the systems of humanity.

The solution to reinvigorate our society is to build a new operating-system of humanity that establishes the freedom of freedom by which a dynamic meritocracy rewards the value of our differences over the stifling regurgitation of our commonalities. Because only the value of our differences can expand the fractal of human ingenuity to improve our adaptability to the change nature continues to throw our way.

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