Will Technology Disrupt Capitalism?

No, technology itself abuses the most rudimentary principles of freedom needed to improve capitalism.

Sometimes technology will disrupt foolery into even greater foolery. Capitalism of today is economic foolery because it is not subjugated to real freedom, the freedom of freedom I explain extensively on this blog.

Technology is a tool, generally applied as a totalitarian monism to solve the world’s most lucrative problems. Quite the opposite to the relativity theory of freedom capitalism must be subjugated to unleash a dynamic meritocracy that drives renewable value.

So, yes bad technology can disrupt bad capitalism, for all the wrong reasons. In the same way, Facebook as a totalitarian implementation of a disruption to socialism (funded by advertising schemes, not unlike television) and despite its massive populism by the uninformed, aggravates and expedites the well-known negative societal impact of socialism, called group-think.

The improvements needed to capitalism can be supported by technology to expedite its distribution. Technology, if implemented correctly, can act as a viable consequence of freedom unleashed, not as a cause.

Such confounding of consequence and cause is precisely the reason why cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have not and should not take off as a mainstream financial instrument unless, of course, the depravity of reason driving Facebook’s popularity prevails.

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