Is The Current Capitalist System Sustainable In The Long Term?

No, our current model of capitalism is not sustainable long-term. Yet, all manmade systems can be fixed.

And we see more and more cracks appear as time passes, with our government touching in the dark, using excessive legislation to cover up the wounds from running into the walls of such a failed implementation of capitalism.

The problem is that our implementation of capitalism violates the most rudimentary principles of freedom, the pursuit of freedom we all talk about and aspire to, yet none of us have bothered to properly define.

Until now.

Our current version of capitalism based on oligarchic freedom deflates a meritocracy and therefore collapses the renewable value to humanity.

We must begin to subjugate capitalism to a relativity theory of freedom (one I define in my upcoming book on a new operating-system for humanity) for it to perpetuate a dynamic meritocracy that encircles the world and will maximize the capacity and ingenuity of all of humanity and improve human excellence.

My point being that a bad implementation of capitalism does not require us to discard capitalism outright, but to reinvent capitalism so it contributes systematically to our evolution.

I say this as an entrepreneur and former (part-time) venture capitalist entrenched in the asset management models driving global finance: our current model of capitalism is for the most part modern-day cunningly opaque bank-robbery, from which some of us who cherish the enslavement to money may at best die the wealthiest people in the cemetery.

Mind you: we are all responsible for the behavior induced by the systems we create and approve. I suggest a more Nobel cause of life and a reason for why our systems need reinvention, by quoting Horace Mann:

“Until you’ve done something for humanity you should be ashamed to die”

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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