What Does Freedom Mean?

Our systems are in need of drastic modernization, relativity, and evolutionary relevance.



Freedom is a subject everyone seems to agree on as a right of every individual. A sincere and yearning desire to someday do whatever one wants, and to live a life one truly aspires to live. Every person on this planet has their aspiration of freedom, bound to change in composition and outlook as their life progresses. For most, freedom is not a static destination, but a continually evolving journey adjusted by the shifting priorities and discoveries of needs, wants and desires. A journey as unique as every individual, with a desired composition of freedom to each his own.

Despite such strong desire for freedom, we spend a lot of time self-restricting freedom. A privilege so feverishly controlled it begs for reinvention.

Beginning with the restriction of freedom gleamed from the heavily edited scriptures of our holy books, such as the Bible and Quran. Derived from over thousand-year-old documents with an ever-waning understanding of the context from which those restrictions may have made sense at the time. Each restricting freedom by exclaiming what thou shall or shall not do according to the faith expressed in the religion of choice, with the rule of religion crossing geographical boundaries and in some cases in conflict with the rule of law of sovereign states vowing separation of church and state.



At a national level, we adhere to restrictions of freedom defined by a myriad of stacked and overlapping laws. In the United States, as one of the youngest sovereignty in the world, we abide by rights and laws gleaned from a constitution some two-hundred-and-thirty-nine years old with questionable relevance to a world that has since dramatically changed. A set of rights and rules – I should now as an immigrant – in some ways more restrictive and in other ways more free than the rights and laws enacted in first sovereign nations in the world.

In the United States, military laws applied to active service-personnel and distinct laws for native-Indians residing in reservations overlap with our constitution, and redefine the boundaries of freedom to its constituents and enacted upon and enforced in different courts of law. Besides, every state (in the U.S.) applies its own rule of law to the inhabitants and visitors within its geographical borders, subject to federal law where the supreme court decides to intervene. At a local level, cities within states apply their amendments and refinements to the restrictions above of freedom. With businesses and employees subject to additional federal and state laws to curb their freedom, as to safeguard the investment interests in their companies.



Our self-induced restriction to freedom does not end there, for we as members of households are also subject to the parental interpretation of freedom the minute we come out of the womb. The standard of what each parent considers acceptable behavior is the inevitable set of restrictions of freedom we will all face first and will be bestowed upon us for years to come. And then there are endless heaps of societal norms and standards of compliance instituted by the public, employers, home-owners associations and business councils we are made to believe we must adhere to, for fear of social expulsion and retribution.

So, what freedom means to each of us is derived from an amalgam of rights and restrictions applied to us based on our place in time. The quality of freedom therefor shall not be captured by a proclamation of the absolutism of freedom as foolish as the prowess of a Baseball World Series few other countries participate in and can relate to. Freedom should instead be measured by a relativity of freedom by which the composition of collective freedom supports unique pursuits of individual freedom to create a better world, and inspires others to pursue their own.

A relativity of freedom we can implement today using Einstein’s theory of relativity.

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