Why Is The United States So Wealthy?

Lets put this question in perspective.

Our wealth is acquired through a system that violates the basic principles of freedom (see my blogs), and thus violates the principles of a meritocracy. So, one must question what the value of wealth is if we cannot convert its acquisition to produce renewable socioeconomic value the world will prosper from. We must define a set of values that enhance the evolution of humanity, not kick the can of evolutionary value down the road. Wealth is a highly questionable denomination of evolutionary relevance.

To give an example: we created a tobacco industry that created enormous wealth for those corporations that sold cigarettes. And its “success” contributed significantly to our leaderboard GDP charts. But now we are faced with the ballooning medical burden of respiratory diseases (3rd cause of death in the US) that suffocates our medical systems, and the next generation will pay the bill for. Examples abound.

To put it differently, the country with the highest GDP is not necessarily better off than a country with a lower one. In the same way, the sum of goals scored in a game of soccer is NO indication of the quality of the game played.

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