Why Aren’t Economists Rich?

Some are, despite the prevailing religion of economics being without evolutionary merit or value. Today’s economists are no different than skilled pastors who perfect the art of make-believe.

The many derivatives of classical economics, including sub optimizations of classical sold as new, is voodoo science in the context of evolutionary value. I narrated an exclusive video on the subject here: Why Classical Economics is Voodoo Science

Math is the foundation of the prevailing religion of economics. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t predict the performance of my household with math, let alone predict the future of our collective households, the original meaning of economics, with math.

Foresight does not come from an extrapolation of a theory steeped in hindsight (math). The best proxy of foresight will come from the pursuit of individual freedom protected by the paradoxical rules of collective freedom.

And until we have redefined economics to what it is supposed to do, we should not pay economists a dime more than we do today, or at all.

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