How To Reduce Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy comes from a stronghold in violation of freedom. To reduce it, we merely need to unleash freedom.

To reduce bureaucracy, one must first identify where bureaucracy comes from and establish its root-cause. I believe the cause of bureaucracy is lodged in the improper deployment of freedom, yielding a flawed implementation of free-markets mechanisms, which in turn generates the inappropriate governance of those constructs.

Let me explain using a sports analogy. A great game of sports cannot exist without rules set up ahead of time to ensure every player obeys the rules identified by the type of game being played. Within the boundaries of the rules of the game enforced by a referee, each player and team collectively then have the freedom to use their skills to take advantage of opportunities to win the game.

Free-markets ought to work the same way, except that we have failed to define what the rules of the (free-market) game are. You see, freedom cannot exist without paradoxical rules of collective freedom to protect and amplify the need for individual freedoms. In the same way, fair play cannot exist when the rules of the game are not established ahead of time, or players disobey those rules without consequence.

So, the reason why bureaucracy is so rampant is that we deploy market systems without establishing the paradoxical rules of freedom ahead of time. And just like a game would run amok without those rules established, participants of market systems unbothered by the rules of gameplay forces the referee to blow his whistle every time he sees an infraction he deems inappropriate or undesired. Blowing the whistle is the equivalent of bureaucracy.

We have for too long believed, and deployed systems that assume freedom requires no control. We have deployed absolutism of freedom supported by laissez-faire governance that breeds quite the opposite of freedom, with infractions covered up with despondent post-mortem bureaucracy unable to make up for lack of paradoxical rules of collective freedom that should have been established ahead of time.

Most bureaucracy can be removed when we deploy freedom as relativity theory, with the establishment of paradoxical rules of collective freedom before we allow participants to play the game, not after.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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