An Outlier Knows No Precedent

So stop relying on precedents. An outlier is someone who breaks the norm from a new and higher normalization of truth.

A perfect target for a venture capital investor whose job it is to align with the foresight of such an entrepreneur. The presence of precedents would only indicate a false positive entrepreneur, a lack thereof the first hurdle of a false negative cleared. My advice to investors: an extrapolation of hindsight will not break the norm of foresight to produce venture style returns.

Inversely, when you are the outlier entrepreneur, and you find the prospective investor looking for statistics to support your claims, it is time to move on to another investor,  for such an investor has thereby just tagged him/herself as a (micro) private equity investor, rather than a venture capital investor in dire need of outliers to spawn venture style returns.

As discussed on September 9th, 2014 at a LinkedIn speaker panel #LinkedInRaleigh

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