Go Ahead, Ignore Me

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.methodeva.com/georges/
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

I love flying under the radar and not belonging to any club that perpetuates a stale status quo — a trait that identifies every groundbreaking entrepreneur.

Change a coming

A trait that inevitably stuns those who should have paid attention and is bound to irritate those who live life by blowing comfortably with the wind. Because for many, change is uncomfortable. Especially when that change is disruptive and shakes up people’s well-organized lives, or worse, threatens to curve their neatly carved-out path to freedom, paved by their enslavement to a mindless state of money and the detriment of their sagging imagination.

Staying under the radar allows me to prepare a well-reasoned case for innovation. Not because my innovation is not already well processed in my brain but because of the inevitable mounds of resistance from those who perpetuate the old.

In the end, hindsight is a highly unreliable proxy of foresight in developing groundbreaking innovation. And so is socialism. Hence, the resistance to change, often hinging on pitiful assumptions or some stale economic religion, should generally be ignored.

Beat stagnation

From a young age, I diligently practiced “believe nothing you read, believe everything you see” (here is why), which served me well in running my first startup in Silicon Valley.

No investor or industry analyst believed in our initial premise until we proved them all seriously wrong with hard work. The reality, not its purported arbitrage, proved us right.

We made the winds blow in a different direction, and soon after we created a new technology category, every one of the naysayers changed their tune and wanted to get on board. We sold the company six years later for an astounding amount of money.

Nothing beats proving the stale past wrong. Not just for the identification of naysayers who so clearly preempted their merit but for the moral victory of those unsatisfied with an imperfect and unjust world, who have only succeeded in tearing down the walls of stagnation in support of the evolution of humanity.


Real entrepreneurs do not just work for money, for freedom is not a state of money but a state of mind. They work to prove a point. To show they can accomplish whatever they put their mind to. To be genuinely free. And be crowned evolution’s latest contributor.

Such is the mindset and playbook I describe when I refer to my next invention—the invention of renewable economics.

That invention is not designed as merely another cunning way to make money or to rejoice over a new theology of economics but to fundamentally improve our contribution and collective efficiency in support of the renewable evolution of humanity. To ensure that we leave behind a better world than the one we were born in. We owe that to our kids.

Resistance is futile

Even with that objective in mind of changing our world for the better, there are people who, despite significant economic stagnation, keep holding on to the economic religion that has run out of dials to implement desperate and even more complicated controls.

How dare we protect the economics of a financial system eleven times the size of production as a viable economic strategy for our country and as a model for the world? How dare we protect greater-fool economics that ostracizes everyone who is not a fool? And why is the burden of proof not handed to the purveyors of the economic systems that have proven so ineffective?

Such is the inherent resistance to innovation. The emergence of the naysayers who should have reinvented their beliefs and themselves but, comfortable in their cushy existence, have not. Too late to rescue those who attempt to perpetuate downstream economic innovation further; the incumbents will be severely disturbed by the impending redefinition of upstream that will obliterate everything downstream and them.

This a scary thought for those who perpetuate the old. This a fantastic opportunity for the vast majority of us who, confined by the artificial arbitrage of the past, demand the new. Such is the unquestionable law of nature.

The world is waiting

As the spiritual Godfather of the economic and financial models the rest of the world has also implemented, we have a fiduciary responsibility to come up with better answers than Ben Bernanke’s endless hope for the efficacy of a cracked foundation. And in what other country than the United States of America can new ideas be born that challenge precisely the definition of freedom it depends on so desperately?

The world is looking for us to come up with accurate answers.

Great ideas are never born from socialism, for socialism is designed to reject outliers. So, let us not expect the innovation of economics to come from the multi-generational socialists (including those in the U.S.) who have perpetuated our current economic religion for some two-hundred years.

As great entrepreneurs know: groundbreaking innovation never comes from within. Hence, the current economic arbiters cannot reinvent the economic religion they have preached for so long. Someone else needs to.

The world is waiting for the U.S. to reinvent itself economically, and many people are paying closer attention to what I am up to. Time is on my side because a mindless tweaking of the economic dials,, as the only downstream innovation our prevailing economic geniuses can come up with will only make things worse. And this creates an even starker contrast and more clarity in what renewable economics aim to deliver.

Ignorance is bliss

However, we should fully expect our economic geniuses (who steered us into this malaise) to comfortably reject and ignore the economic innovation I will introduce (in my book), with the same rejection by which my first startup was conveniently ignored. They must, in their hopeless attempt to save their skin.

I expect it that way because in the validation of the implementation of my thesis, not my battle with incumbent socialists matters, but my conquest for a better world. And so my response to those who ignore me will be: “go ahead, ignore me.” As I will just as quickly ignore you too.

Not one iota of my self-worth is correlated to your acceptance. — Quincy Jones

Not the opinions of the defunct economic arbiter – up for renewal – matters, but the views of humanity, who will benefit from meaningful economic innovation.

Renewal prevails

The world is bright and not ignoring my viewpoints, as witnessed by the many discussions on the value chain of economics I have had over the last eight years and the impressive selection of notable organizations that have visited my blog.

Frankly, I am blown away by the hunger for modern economics that yields a more reliable proxy for the evolution of humanity. I am inspired by the interest of so many talented players, influencers, and decision-makers, as I am inspired by the many excellent questions from the “common man,” some of our website visitors, and the curiosity from some very unexpected places.

Reality is inspiring

I am also truly inspired by many who, adversely affected by the wrath of greater-fool economics and dissatisfied with more empty promises, are now seeking real answers towards change.

Students, professors, and teachers from 713 universities, 112 colleges, and 98 business schools worldwide, including our own Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, Wharton, etc., come looking for answers here. Some 215 financial asset managers (investors in numerous asset classes, including venture capital), 63 of the world’s leading banks (including The World Bank), and 45 U.S. venture capital firms have joined the fray.

Top and local governments from the U.S. (including The Senate and Congress), Canada, Europe (including the European Commission), Germany, France, United Kingdom (House of Parliament), Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Chile, and Mexico have put us on their radar.

Virtually every company (from any sector) with any global scale or global interest is a reader of our blogs. Even technology behemoths like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon.com, and Oracle take part, as they will need to grasp modern economics more broadly to successfully encircle the world.

Wow! that was my reaction when we first ran our venturecompany.com website visitor report; in full transparency, now available for download (in pdf, notable and identifiable visitors only, certain visitors redacted).

Thesis determines distribution

We have done no real marketing merely because we believe only the authenticity of our analysis and thesis drives distribution with a meaningful value.

We do not put much stock in merely the number of unique visitors to our site (some 26,000 measured over the last two years of eight) or in the number of our Twitter followers (some 15,000) even though we estimate our reach at a sizable 70,000 people, including through many self-selected distributions, from major media and news coverage.

We care about the quality and merit of visitors and want to ensure our innovation of economics embraces them too. And we are proud of how our thesis alone has provoked the interest of many.

Knock knock, who’s there?

The economic arbiter that holds our world hostage needs to be reinvented, and only a fool would wait for its purveyors to do so. Groundbreaking innovation always comes from the outside, and so will the innovation of economics that – for the first time – is willing and able to assign merit to us all.

I cannot possibly address all the inquiries to their fullest extent that come my way, for I would not be able to finish my book that will frame and answer so many. And for people with severe and immediate needs, I offer a personalized escape hatch.

Rest assured, I will not ignore anyone willing to let go of our outdated economic religion and is open to reinventing themselves around a new establishment of merit we should have deployed two hundred years ago. I am not looking for answers to finish the thesis of my book, but I do read, process, and validate every single inquiry, so keep them coming.

To those who ignore me, go ahead. As an entrepreneur, I am well-versed in dealing with rejection. It does not hurt my feelings at all. But I warn you, the world (that visits our website) and I will recognize you as the lame duck of the renewable evolution of humanity.

And yes, I will also prove the merit of your ignorance wrong.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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