Eat To Scale

If you are tempted to overeat during the holiday season, check out the Withings (awful company name) digital scale that sends your measurements, including those of 7 other family members, to the cloud where you can keep track of weight, lean mass, body fat, and BMI constantly.

With WiFi built-in, the scale is easy to use and will automatically send new measurements to your account after you step off. That is if you manage to get past the outright cumbersome installation process ill-suited for non-technologists, with incorrect installation requirements and no installation documentation.

The scale functions perfectly as a regular digital scale. Yet, its automatic connection to the cloud, combined with a beautiful iPhone and iPad app to chart your weight objectives, turns the Withings scale into a useful weight management tool.

Price $160, available from the Apple Store (and other places) now.

Full disclosure: I have no equity in products or companies I evaluate publicly on this site except that they – according to my review – adhere to the promises they make. I pay for the products I want myself and receive no promotional fees. If you agree with the discretionary role technology should play, which I frequently describe in my blogs, you will find my observations of the implementation of innovation helpful in determining whether or when you should buy them.

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