Lytro: New Photo Camera Technology

As the former CEO of LightCrafts, the creator of LightZone photo editing software, and an avid hobby photographer, we know quite a bit about photography. Lytro is great technology, a great company I don’t see.

After years of research at Stanford, Lytro has just gotten off the ground with a new “light field camera” that changes photography as we know it and allows you to establish focus and other aspects after the picture has been taken. We will do a more in-depth analysis when we get more information about the camera.

According to Mashable, Andreessen-Horowitz put about $50M in to fund its development, another deal subprime VC could never touch. Innovation is alive and well, if, as an investor, you put the right shingle on your door.

[Links: Lytro, Mashable]

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