Leave Ballmer; How Low Can You Go

  • Influential hedge fund manager David Einhorn called Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer “the biggest overhang” on the company’s stock at an investment conference, six months after we suggested he should leave. The problem, however, is not the executives Steve got rid of, but the ones he did not. The only change that can save Microsoft is a change to its core operating principles, and many large companies guided by socialistic boards will simply die in consensus before they ever give in. [Links: AppleInsider]
  • Talking about elephants that take a while to kill, GoDaddy CEO did the inexcusable and rebutted his actions on their website. Rather than to defend his actions as helping the locals protect their crop, he should have funded an operation to relocate the close-to-extinct animal. But he revels in turning the controversy into a monetary benefit. No surprise, perhaps from someone who uses boobs to sell internet real estate. How low can you go? Now you know why he shows up in Haiti too. [Links CNN]
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