At Ease With Drobo; $1B Prenup

  • Everyone with loads of data collected on their computer over the last decade should buy a Drobo. Having daisy-chained Firewire 800 external backup drives to a server for quite a while, I have seen the fragility of these commoditized (and sometimes low quality) drives with numerous failures. One such failure wiped out a set of original photographs of which only smaller digital replicas remained. No longer, Drobo can host a minimum of 4 standard SATA drives (one 2TB drive now costs around $79) and automatically and transparently protects against any single drive failure. Without any downtime, the system reconfigures itself around one fewer drive, and a simple replacement (or upgrade) of the failing drive re-establishes the storage capacity. Drobo is a must-have for anybody with a large iTunes, photography, or business library of files and should be built into many OEM computer strategies. Why VC investors Greylock, NEA, RRE, and Sutter Hill have not been able to blow up this company in size and to an IPO already is a mystery to me, or is it? [Links: Drobo]
  • Microsoft allegedly paid Nokia $1B to play nice. Tells you who is the ugly rich guy in this marriage. Both companies need a pick-me-up, but not from each other. What do you think will happen when two losers collide? [Links: BusinessWeek, two losers don’t make a winner]

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