Resurrect Venture Capital, VC recommendation

  • We better not mess up the opportunity to innovate with a financial system that economically can never detect the outliers of innovation. Our new sidebar on our blog explains that better than before: “We owe it to our unwavering entrepreneurial capacity to build a progressive financial system in Venture that can yield rewarding returns from tapping into an 80% greenfield in technology innovation. So, the lies and empty promises in Venture Capital stop right here, where a new more prosperous beginning can take off.” So, don’t be mistaking my criticism of Venture as negativity. Quite the opposite. Only a new more modern economic model in Venture can resurrect Venture Capital.
  • I get asked all the time by entrepreneurs what VC firm I would recommend. Without thought my answer is: very few, but if you must just keep your selection down to any of the 35 out of 790 VC firms that make any money for Limited Partners, the others will just perpetuate false negativity in the Silicon Valley maelstrom. So, without performance numbers to look back to, Andreessen-Horowitz stands out for me (on paper). The firm demonstrates to have relevant technical experience (Andreessen), married with relevant economic experience (Horowitz). It is a small firm, where not consensus amongst a large group of General Partner defaults to the socialistic mediocrity that plagues other firms. The firm is able to make small investments quickly and ready to make large investments (without syndicates) to support true upside investing. That means it understands that the deployment of risk is not equal to the deployment of money, just the way we would like to see it. I never had the pleasure of meeting either one of the General Partners, even though I have seen Marc around many times in Palo Alto, so I will leave it up to your own sanity to feel them out.


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