No Air, Ex-pedia, Get it together Apple

  • Sometimes my Macbook Air is without air, especially when switching screens with my 27 inch display. Panic crash report alludes to problems with NVIDIA, maybe time for Apple to make their own graphics cards and step away from PC derived commodities? But when it has air, this little computer is the best one I have owned so far, gotta love 6-7 hours of battery life.
  • More free-market lies. Not only do travel sites suggest to give you the ultimate selection of available flights to a certain destination and charge airlines a fee to come out on top, they also omit certain flights that do not involve flying to a preferred vendor’s hub first. Such is the case with my flight to Amsterdam today, where the only way to book it from Raleigh to Amsterdam via (the shortest path) Washington is to do it the old-fashioned way, directly with the airlines. Good to know Expedia.
  • More excellence needed at Apple. Ever noticed that the definition of iTunes varies based on the computing device you use? On the Mac it is the all-encompassing music library, on the iPhone iTunes is where you purchase and iPod is where you play, on the iPad the same as the iPhone except that videos play in an external video app. Get it together Apple!


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