Bose QC Earbuds 2 Review

Sound is Bose's core competency. And it shows through its latest, tiny yet powerful wireless noise-cancelling Earbud package.

We Can And Must Do Better Than Democracy

We have no choice but to replace democracy with an evolutionary theory for humanity, or nature will do it for us.

Why Can’t America Fix Itself?

Make no mistake, America can fix itself. But not until, in the words of Winston Churchill, it has depleted all options not to, and rids itself from expired normalizations of truth.

Democracy Is A Dangerous Cult

It is time we deliver on the innovative reputation we have acquired with the biggest innovation yet, that of ourselves.

Vampire Empire

We must learn to adapt to nature's reality and realize that our life is not a right to endless debauchery but a serious obligation to the future of humanity.

Adapt With Us

Bookmark us at as we introduce, transition, and adapt to nature's truth. Major change ahead.

Apple Broke My Home

Apple should be ashamed of itself. So am I, buying into their ever-convoluting experiments sold as exemplary technology.

On ESG Differentiation

ESG diversification is evidence of its fundamental incompatibility with nature.

John Doerr, Not A Thinker Or A Doer

John's bet on sustainability talks. But without the luxury of nature's merit prolongs humanity's deep solipsistic coma.

What Precisely Is Your Business Model?

Investing using the first-principles of nature is not investing in nature, but investing in humanity to become more compatible with nature. Our business model is to help invest in human adaptability.
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