CalPERS Marcie Frost’s ESG Permafrost

The battle over a common definition of ESG is like the battle over who God is.

Living On Mars Is Stupid

Humans will not live on Mars, as they will cease to be human.

There Are No Absolute Truths, Only Absolute Lies

Elon Musk proclaims Twitter to become the place where the most accurate version of the truth lies. Not so fast, say I.

Poor Powell

Not the Fed, but Congress is responsible for the theory of economic gameplay and monetary policy we deploy.

Today’s Problems From Yesterday’s Solutions

A future that breaks the norm will not come from the renewed adherence to an extrapolation of the current norm.

A.I. Is Dangerous Navel-Gazing

Navel-gazing, no matter how fascinating a study of self, will not get us to improving human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Inequities Are A Fact Of Life

Like in sports, the benefit of inequality can raise us all up to play the best game nature tells us to play.

Mr. Bean’s Free Speech

The character who barely speaks has a lot to say. And I concur.

Improving Capitalism

Capitalism must make humanity more adaptable to nature's entropy, or else it will kill us.

Improving Mental Health

Mental health will improve when it becomes clear how everyone can contribute to the strength of human renewal.
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