Nature's Entropy Teaches Us To Adapt

Gameplay Without Goals

In every sport, gameplay is defined before the game is played. Yet, over the last two-thousand years humans have played games that do not improve the future of our species.

We all fly-high by the seat of our pants. And it shows.

Broken Systems

Nothing Works

The elected officials made responsible for the constructs designed to improve humanity agree; our “systems” are broken.

To sell this smorgasboard of failure to the world as “the best we can do” is a greater fool proposition insulting human intelligence.

Remove Solipsism

The future of humanity is defined by nature, not by man. Today’s legislative agenda ignores what we have learned about nature’s first-principles over the last two-hundred years.

We must renormalize, and begin to play our best version of nature’s game.

From unsustainable to renewable
Sustainability's collision course

Remove Wishful Thinking

Unbeknownst to our founding fathers and many in government today, the universe and our planet are subject to the decline of available energy called entropy, the opposite of sustainability’s incompatible ideology.

A theory of humanity must be deployed to begin to reflect the full dimension of human ingenuity and capacity. Today, we manage humanity at least one dimension short of reality.

Remove Downstream Fallacies

Today’s practices of policy, capital, and innovation are outdated and incompatible with nature’s first-principles.

They ignore the urgent need for humans to adapt to nature’s entropy, induce irrelevant squabbles between rebels without a cause, and enslave us to a covert and comfortably numb anthropogenic cascade.

Manmade make-believe debunked
Vector of human expansion

Incompatible Vector

To live as long as humanly possible, our species must learn to play nature’s game and adapt, systemically improving the strength of human renewal.

We can no longer manage a round world of humanity with outdated flat-world constructs endangering the future of arguably the most intelligent species on Planet Earth.

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