CalPERS Marcie Frost’s ESG Permafrost

The battle over a common definition of ESG is like the battle over who God is.

Living On Mars Is Stupid

Humans will not live on Mars, as they will cease to be human.

There Are No Absolute Truths, Only Absolute Lies

Elon Musk proclaims Twitter to become the place where the most accurate version of the truth lies. Not so fast, say I.

Inequities Are A Fact Of Life

Like in sports, the benefit of inequality can raise us all up to play the best game nature tells us to play.

Improving Mental Health

Mental health will improve when it becomes clear how everyone can contribute to the strength of human renewal.

What Is Wrong With Humanity?

Now is the time to address the root-cause of our problems to systemically obliterate the undesirable consequences preventing the renewal of human excellence.

Vampire Empire

We must learn to adapt to nature's reality and realize that our life is not a right to endless debauchery but a serious obligation to the future of humanity.

Adapt With Us

Bookmark us at as we introduce, transition, and adapt to nature's truth. Major change ahead.

Human Change, Not Climate Change

The solipsism of humanity is the reason why our compass and course of longevity is off-track. We, dim bulbs, not nature, must change.

No Equality Of Opportunity

Nature dictates all men are not created equal, thankfully. So, ditch the political correctness that makes small minds feel good. It is time to get real with nature.

The Theory Determines What Can Be Discovered

Everything goes wrong when the theory of humanity that determines what can be discovered is nonexistent. We are about to change that.

Today’s Problems From Yesterday’s Solutions

A future that breaks the norm will not come from the renewed adherence to an extrapolation of the current norm.

Mr. Bean’s Free Speech

The character who barely speaks has a lot to say. And I concur.

Thou Shalt Not Is Not A Theory

Rules do not infer a theory. Neither the Bible nor the U.S. Constitution have yielded a theory for humanity that can withstand the test of time.

Do You Support Trickle-Down Economics?

No. For I do not support the practice of economics. However...

Response To The 2023 State of Union

President Joe Biden's State of The Union was filled with the depravity of reason stemming from a confounding of cause and consequence. I call him on it in a non-partisan fashion.

America’s Foundational Wrath

Without a theory correlated to nature's first-principles improving the strength of human renewal, the United States is as lost in the woods as the most intelligent species could ever be.

Humanity’s Undefined Reality

The most developed countries in the world are blissfully ill-developed, by design.

Al Gore Proves Democracy Wrong

Nature's authoritarian truth cannot be supported by the whims of elective morality in democracy.

The Hamlin Syndrome

The response to Damar Hamlin's injury describes precisely what is wrong with the world we created for ourselves.

Democracy Versus Constitutional Republic

Democracy and the Constitutional Republic deploy different solipsistic paths to the slaughterhouse of human existence. We can and must do better.

Improving Capitalism

Capitalism must make humanity more adaptable to nature's entropy, or else it will kill us.

Covert ESG Greenwashing Obfuscates Overt Greenwashing

Feigned sustainability of ESG, disclosed by a whistleblower, violates nature's first-principles. Hence, even a correction combined with a refined strategy of ESG leads to greenwashing.

Don’t Blame The SEC

The SEC cannot be expected to improve the integrity of finance, for that is currently not within the realm of its congressional authority.

Don’t Regulate Crypto; Abolish It

Crypto is damaging to humanity and must be abolished to protect the trust in financial instruments that accurately represent humanitarian excellence.

The Problem With FTX

The problem exposed by FTX is laissez-faire governance.

The Path, A Book by Peter Mallouk and Tony Robbins, Quotes Georges

The Path, a book by #1 New York Times best-selling authors Peter Mallouk and Tony Robbins, covers Georges.

Can You Explain BlackRock’s Stance on ESG?

BlackRock's latent support for ESG is like a restaurant putting a vegetarian meal on the menu.

The Problem With The Stock Market

The SEC is a referee of downstream financial sub-optimization, not chartered with the much needed reinvention of the theory of finance upstream.

On ESG Differentiation

ESG diversification is evidence of its fundamental incompatibility with nature.

John Doerr, Not A Thinker Or A Doer

John's bet on sustainability talks. But without the luxury of nature's merit prolongs humanity's deep solipsistic coma.

A.I. Is Dangerous Navel-Gazing

Navel-gazing, no matter how fascinating a study of self, will not get us to improving human adaptability to nature's entropy.

Technology Fantasies

The free-for-all of internet development is as stupid as creating a network of roads without requiring drivers licenses, registrations, car insurance, traffic signs, and rules.

The Fanfare Of Technology Religions

The religions of technology are as dangerous as the theologies of our past have proven to be.

Bose QC Earbuds 2 Review

Sound is Bose's core competency. And it shows through its latest, tiny yet powerful wireless noise-cancelling Earbud package.

Apple Broke My Home

Apple should be ashamed of itself. So am I, buying into their ever-convoluting experiments sold as exemplary technology.

Define Innovation

Be careful with what you call innovation. Your well-sponsored endeavor may, in actuality, be a damaging contributor to an anthropogenic cascade.

The Second Reason Why We Cannot Depend On Artificial Intelligence

We must rein in the free reign of technology that sucks the life out of humanity. AI is the pretzel logic, incompatible with nature, we should not bestow on the future of humanity.

Amazon Is A SuperStore Feigning A Marketplace

European regulators are waking up to what I wrote 14 years ago.

Facebook’s Name Change Is The Preamble Of Fox No Longer Declaring Itself A News Channel

Meta will remain the unprotected backdoor to nation state sovereignty, with its newfound aura of gamification and fiction becoming harder to legally hold to account.

Artificial Intelligence Is Pervasive, It Lives In People Who Assume

AI lives in the minds of people who ignore nature's first-principles.

Fink Tank

United Nations Broken SDGs

Climate Change Is No Hoax

The State Of Humanity

The State Of Economics